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Implementing Innovative Technologies to 

Improve Outcomes for People and the Planet

Project Advocacy

We help mitigate effects of climate change on people and their communities. We do this by identifying, developing and implementing practical, timely and cost-effective project solutions with commercially available technologies and strategic partners. The time is now to utilize available technology in cost-effective ways to ensure climate actions are the right ones.

Education Advocacy

In collaboration with our non-profit, governmental, community and commercial partners, Climate Spheres works with educators and school systems to develop and deliver holistic technological solutions. Seamlessly working together,  we can deliver solutions that will inform and protect students today and develop the climate  advocates of tomorrow.



To enable new climate friendly project technology and policy change, Climate Spheres works with non-profit funding organizations of compatible climate interest. We match the activities of our work, our partner's work and prospective funders for mutually high value outcomes to improve our planet's climate system and its sustainability.



At Climate Spheres, we transform available innovative technologies into today’s solutions throughout the climate system. In collaboration with our advisors and partners, we catalyze impact to improve outcomes for communities, especially those disproportionately impacted by climate change and pollution.


We deliver effective solutions with expertise, experience and passion. We empower communities by providing equitable, cost effective and sustainable options to address degradation and harm to public health and the environment .




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