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We are committed to a world where all communities enjoy clean and safe air, water, land and open space. The Climate Spheres team envisions active mitigation, monitoring, protection, warning systems and infrastructure that reduce pollution and improve lives. The technology to achieve our vision exists, the time is now to utilize it, especially in our most vulnerable and at-risk communities across the globe.

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Kathleen M. Nielsen
Founder and Executive Director

Kathleen is a global governance, risk, compliance, and ethics leader with extensive experience leading organizations, transactions, partnerships, and initiatives in commercial, public and non profit sectors. Kathleen's collaborative, inclusive and equitable leadership approach ensure the desired outcomes are achieved for the benefit of all.

In addition to her work with Climate Spheres, Kathleen serves on multiple non-profit boards. Currently she serves for one nonprofit dedicated to advancing women and another aiding impoverished and orphaned children. Kathleen holds BA and MPA degrees and is certified as an SHRM-SCP and SPHR.

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Tabitha Shikuku
Global Development Intern

Tabitha develops and implements global fundraising strategies using her experience. Tabitha has built and managed relationships with investors and developed strategies to build funding portfolios while fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tabitha has worked in Africa, U.S., India, and Maputo. She is a Global Good Will Ambassador in Kenya for humanitarian activities. She leverages her experiences and skills to promote sustainable development goals and make meaningful contributions via education policy and investment infrastructures.

Tabitha holds BBM degrees, a Certified Public Accountant (ICPAK), a certificate in Social Innovation and in Global Diplomacy for Energy Transition in Africa, and is currently pursuing her MBA.

Jon D. Jacobs
Founder and Director

Jon is an attorney who served in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and the Office of Administrative Law Judges. As an EPA litigator, Jon earned an international reputation specializing in pesticide, toxic substances, pollution and emergency planning.


Jon uses his extensive government experience to develop regulatory programs, guidance and policy to measure, mitigate and ultimately reduce the impacts of climate change. Jon holds a JD and an LLM in taxation and is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia.

Vasana Ly
Economic Impact and Data Analytics Lead

Vasana combines his background as an economist and an economic researcher with his deep understanding of data science and analytics to deliver relevant and accurate solutions. Vasana also identifies and leverages IT systems and technology to automate the collection, modeling reporting and visualization of data for Climate Sphere products, including our Climate Portal.


Vasana's design thinking experience further benefits the multi-faceted and intersectional nature of the solutions Climate Spheres provides across the globe. 

In addition to his economics expertise and experience, Vasana holds an MBA and is a US Military Veteran.

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Gary Start
Founder and Director

Gary is an engineer with extensive global experience in definition, design, implementation, and operation of various platform solutions in collaboration with related partners and vendors in N. America, Europe, South Asia and Asia Pacific regions.


Gary leverages his in-depth systems knowledge and his technical expertise to deliver the best technological solutions for the desired project or product. Gary holds multiple degrees and diplomas in engineering physics, electrical and electronic engineering, and computer architectures.


Act with Passion and Respect

Our commitment to community-led change and improvement stems from our multi-faceted experience in government, commercial and the non-profit sectors.  By fusing our unique knowledge and skill sets with our zeal to improve public health and the environment, we create an innovative platform to attack environmental problems

Environmental Justice for All

Climate Spheres supports and empowers communities as they develop and implement solutions that significantly address environmental and/or public health issues at the local level posed by their disproportionately bearing pollution loadings and exposure.

Develop Collaborative  Partnerships

We don’t have all the answers to address the many harmful impacts of climate change.  However, we do have an extensive network of like minded and collaborative partners in communities, NGOs, government, and industry.  We believe our inclusive approach delivers the  capacity, science, and technology we need to solve the climate change crisis.

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