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Climate Solution Action and Advocacy

At Climate Spheres, we help to identify, highlight, develop and implement practical, timely and cost-effective climate solutions with commercially available technologies together our tech, science, and field partners to mitigate harmful effects of climate change. The time is now to collaboratively act on innovative climate solutions and available technologies in cost-effective ways to ensure climate actions are the right ones - especially in and around our most impacted communities.

Climate Risk Assessments 

Using downscaled data from CMIP6 global climate models together with our proprietary algorithms, the Climate Spheres team can explore and forecast the practical implications of climate change for your business. Our forward looking, Climate Risk Assessments deliver data driven insights into how to address, adapt to, and mitigate the challenges and optimize the opportunities that climate change presents to you and your business.

Climate Impact Assessments

Our Climate Impact Assessments provide you with a detailed, quantitative understanding of the environmental impacts of your operations and activities, enabling well informed decisions and decreased risks and potential liabilities. Working with global databases and software from SimaPro, Climate Spheres explores and measures the impacts of your current business activities and forecasts the improvements your business decisions can achieve.

Climate Funding Advocacy

Through the Fund My Climate Portal (see below), we work to support products, projects, and research projects that will address impacts of climate change. Climate Spheres works with climate innovators, field partners, foundations and other organizations with common climate interests and goals. We match the activities of climate innovators and our partner's work with prospective funders for mutually beneficial actions and increased impacts - with the combined goal of improving all five spheres of our climate system and its sustainability.

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Climate Training and Education
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