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Climate Project Advocacy

At Climate Spheres, we identify, develop and implement practical, timely and cost-effective project solutions with commercially available technologies, our partners and local representation to help mitigate effects of climate pollution. The time is now to utilize available technologies in cost-effective ways to ensure climate actions are the right ones - especially in and around our most impacted communities.

Climate Policy Advocacy

Global climate goals require practical regulatory and policy frameworks to measure progress on mitigation projects and associated technology development. At Climate Spheres, we examine current, comparable, and proximate regulatory and enforcement contexts and deliver implementable solutions. Climate Spheres understands the complex intersections between governmental, commercial, and community considerations and delivers practical, collaborative solutions.

Climate Education Advocacy

Together with our non-profit, governmental, community and commercial partners, Climate Spheres works with educators, schools and districts to develop and deliver wholistic technological solutions together with curriculum and tools to protect students today and develop the climate systems advocates of tomorrow. The education focused version of our Climate Sustainability Portal (see below) is an outcome of this work..

Climate Funding Advocacy

To enable projects and policy change, Climate Spheres works with foundations and other funding organizations of compatible climate interest. We match the activities of our work, our partner's work and prospective funders for mutually beneficial and high value outcomes for vulnerable and impacted communities and the overall improvement of our planet's climate system and its sustainability.

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Climate Portal
Climate Training and Education
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